Jase Long

Height: 6ft

Stage Weight: 107Kg

Off Season Weight: 118Kg

Occupation: Online coach

I am a professional coaching with 100+ top placing withing the amateur bodybuilding ranks & have produced a successful over 500 body transformation’s – I pride myself on bringing out the absolute best out of and individual.

Nutrition plan & add-ons:

You will receive a tailored diet plan based on your consultation, which is subject to change weekly due to your weekly check in response, yes! I include cheat meal when the time and place is right – but again this based on the weekly report, but the goal is to always be as meticulous with your diet as possible in order to progress at the fasted and most efficient rate

Training programs: these can range from legs, push, pull, to upper, lower splits to more oxygen style based high volumes splits all the way to more advanced training methods like SST – again this is all determined upon your consultation feedback


Top 3 – this is all included within the plans – also with exclusive links to websites which I will provide exclusive discount codes for which will allow my clients to save £ and receive all the latest tips and offers

Adding on I always pride myself on communication I offer a 24-7 whats app service where replies are picked up the most possible and convenient time, I also offer phone calls within some packages if booked in advance.

A brief description about me

Ex Rugby converted to bodybuilding  - I have played all levels from amateur to pro ranks, and even had paid university scholarships – but I fell out of love and quickly fell in love with the weight room and endorphins and feeling you get from working out – then I soon turned this into a career as I felt I could pass down knowledge and help the younger crowd

So on another note more about me, I I deem myself a highly motivated individual in any walk of life I commit my self too, if its business, sports or anything which is slightly rewarding ! I will be working my ass of to see the fruits of my labour as I believe with drive and hunger and work rate you can get anywhere within life !

I feel I have a genetic potential on my side and within due time and years of graft and focus I will be able to show case something I am proud of and il keep working towards that and it is that simple and nothing will get in the way.

I live and breathe training! I can’t function without it…. P.s probably why I hate rest days!

Nutrition Principles:

Keep it clean & enjoy wholefoods which digest well, it’s not about what you consume it’s about what you digest, I keep it old school people get caught up in the latest social media fads

Training Principles:

I keep it simple don’t marry one method, explore all rep ranges, master the barbell and more importantly nail form and earn the right to load the barbell!

Top 3 supplements

  1. Must be!
  2. Whey
  3. Any GDA to help breakdown of high carb based meals.
  4. Sleep aid, as i love sleep and we all grow when we sleep as its key but very much neglected.

Current Goals:

Turn pro, Become a household name online coach and well-known bodybuilder.

Favorite Body Part:

To train its love and hate with legs as its physically challenged but good when you make it to the other side p.s hate training arms

Favorite Prep Meal:

Steak & Avocado

Favorite Cheat Meal:

Steak & Double chips and any salted caramel desert & maybe some sweets to end the night.

Career Highlights:

None as of yet but there will be – I am still climbing the ladder closer to my goals each day.

Favorite Quote:

Constant repetition carries conviction